One very big part of Ham Radio is “Certificate Hunting!” Many hams take pride in achieving many different certificates that signify some type of operating event or skill. It might be copying code at a certain rate. It might be working a number of lighthouses around the world. And NOW - it might just be making a radio contact with each of the 18 townships within Delaware County, Ohio. Spearheaded by our own Bob Dixon, W8ERD, this new award offers a paperless, no-hassle way to celebrate ham radio in Delaware County. There are a couple notable features of the WADCO award. First, it is free and paperless- applying for and receiving the award is effortlessly completed in email. Second, it actively encourages contact methods such as IRLP, Etherlink, and such- giving technician class licensees the ability to contact our county hams from anywhere in the world within their license class limitations!

Official Rules of the Worked All Delaware

County, Ohio

(WADCO) Award

Sponsored by the Delaware Amateur Radio Association

1. Establish two-way contact with stations in all 18 Townships of Delaware County, Ohio. 2. All contacts must be made after June 30, 2012. 3. All bands and modes are allowed, including repeaters, IRLP, Echolink, satellite etc. This is to make it easier for Technician class licensees to earn the award. 4. To apply for the award, fill out the Application Form electronically and email it to the award chairman w8erdbob@gmail.com. No QSL cards are needed or accepted. Totally paperless. 5. You will receive your award certificate via email, which you can then print if you wish. 6. This award is totally FREE! 7. Special endorsements are available for contacting all townships on any single band or mode, or for any 5 bands. 8. The first stations that win the award will receive a special autographed copy of "Joe's Place", describing author K8MP's ham radio adventures in Delaware County for the past 15 years. One for inside Ohio and one for outside Ohio. DELARA members are eligible to receive the award, but not the special book prize. Helpful Hints: An overview map of Delaware County, showing its townships, is here: http://www.co.delaware.oh.us/townships/index.htm A detailed, zoomable map of Delaware County is here: http://www.co.delaware.oh.us/engineer/MapDept/maps.htm You can find the Zip code and address of any ham at www.qrz.com. By using its "detail" feature, you can get a map of the ham's location. Compare that map with the above two maps to find the Township. Another map that is useful in this regard is the Delaware County Zip code map found here: http://www.dalisproject.org/PDF/misc_maps/zip.pdf Many Delaware County hams are active in the Ohio QSO Party. There may be rovers to various townships, and DXpeditions to rare townships. There are about 540 hams in Delaware County, and there are hams in every township. Let us know if you need just a few more, and we will try to help you. W8SMK is a rural route mailman, and he drives thru many townships several times a week, listening on 145.17- . One repeater in Delaware county is reachable via IRLP and Echolink. W8SJV 443.55+ IRLP node 4186 Echolink KE8O-R The Delaware County net is every Monday evening at 8PM Eastern USA time, on the W8SMK repeater, 145.17- MHz, and is often cross linked with the 443.55+ repeater. Other repeaters in and near Delaware County can be found in the Repeater Directory.

Townships in Delaware


Berkshire Berlin Brown Concord Delaware Genoa Harlem Kingston Liberty Marlboro Orange Oxford Porter Radnor Scioto Thompson Trenton Troy
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WADCO - Worked All Delaware County Award

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