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2007 ARRL 160
2010 10 Meter
2010 Canada 1st
2011 Canada 1st
2012 Gagarin Cup 1st
Welcome to DELARA
The Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware Ohio
2007 160 Meter
2009 10 Meter
2010 Canada 1st
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DELARA Trophy Room

2011 IN QSO 1st
2012 7area QSO
2011 HF World Special
2011 HF World 8 US
2011 GA QSO 1st
2011 GA QSO 1st
2011 GA K4OD
2012 MS QSO 1st
2011 OH QSO 1st
2011 CQWW WPX 1st
2011 CQWW 1st Low
2011 CQWW 2 US
2012 7th Area 1st OH
2012 7th Ares 2nd US
2012 CQWW WPX 1st
2011 New England
2012 NY QSO 1st
2012 TN QSO 1st
2009 TX QSO 2nd
2010 TX QSO 1st
2008 WI QSO 1st
2009 DELARA OQP 1st
Triple Play!
2008 MN QSO 1st
2009 NC QSO 1st
2007 Canada 1st
2008 WA Salmon Run
We don’t mean to be snooty...but DELARA has a Trophy Room. Come in, settle into the opulent leather couches, and gaze around you at the trophies and awards gathered by club members and by the club itself. Have more? Send a picture to newsletter [at] In the meantime sit back, perhaps break out a fine cigar and relax amidst your winnings! Click on any picture for a larger image.
2009 Poland 1st US
2011 Canada 1st
Special award!

From Joe, K8MP

From Larry, N9AUG

From Tom, KV8Q

2012 IA QSO 1st
2012 IN Qso 1st
2008 Parks 1st
2008 OQP 1st
2011 WA8UEG 15 1st
2008 KA8IWB Gud Op
2009 Canada 1st
DELARA News 1st
2012 W8KTQ 1st
2012 WA8UEG 1st

Other DELARA recognition

2012 NT8Z ID QSO
2012 New England