Welcome to DELARA
The Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware Ohio

Pay Your Dues!

Our club has made a conscious effort to make our services and information available to the general public. We’ve stocked books in all the libraries in the county, we’ve spread the word in every way possible, including posting a lot of information on this website. But we still depend on your participation! We’ve made it easy - you can click above and pay with PayPal!

DELARA Services

DELARA is an ARRL “Special Service” club- that means we have more to offer over a wide variety of interests in our hobby. We try to provide many different services to our members, and to people who just would like to get involved in the hobby.

DELARA in the Libraries

In order to make amateur radio information available to everyone, DELARA members contributed a portion of their dues to purchase a series of books on the hobby- study guides, technical books, and even a book published by our own author, Joe Papworth, K8MP, entitied “Joe’s Place.” These books were distributed to every public library system in Delaware County, as well as every middle and high school library. So if you’re interested, information is easily available!


This is a hobby to last a lifetime! There are so many different facets of radio, that you can step from one area to another at any time! So even if you’re an old timer, or if you’re freshly licensed, there are times when it just takes some advice and counsel from another ham to get things done. In ham radio, dispensing advice and sharing your experience is called “Being an Elmer’. We have plenty of Elmers in DELARA- learn more here!

FCC License Database

Do you need to renew your license? You can do that online. Alan, N3IMU tells us how. Waiting on your new callsign? Check the FCC database! Wonder how many hams are in your zip code? Here’s where to find it!

The DELARA / ARES Club Station

Here’s a great new program! DELARA has established a club station at the Delaware Red Cross Chapter building. This station serves both ARES and DELARA club functions. It’s a full-service, all-band facility available for all club members!

How Do I Get a License?

Ham radio is a unique hobby, in that to participate, you must furst get an amateur radio license from the FCC. That means study, and taking a test to show that you can observe the rules, not interfere with others, and have enough technical expertise to assure the proper operation of your radio. Find out more about getting your FCC license here!