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Welcome to DELARA
The Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware Ohio

Ham Radio - the original social network!

Amateur Radio is all about technology, inventions, atmospherics, physics and computers. But if there’s a single core holding the many facets of our hobby together, it’s simple: people! Long before the Internet brought chat rooms, Facebook and YouTube, ham radio brought people together from all over the world. It has been true since the beginnings of the hobby- you have an instant group of friends wherever you travel! Here in DELARA, that easygoing friendship is one of the first things a visitor or speaker will find. Members of DELARA offer a background in a wide variety of fields - fire and safety services, development and small-circuit manufacturing, even inter-terrestrial experimentation. With the wealth of experience, our members are ready to help with your project or question just because that’s the best part of the hobby! From our laid-back conversational Monday Night Nets to our gathering for the traditional pre-meeting dinner, there are some solid, long lasting friendships to be made here. There’s always a welcome, too...no cliques allowed...so it’s an easy group to fit into. You’re invited! Click on the title to investigate our people and their projects! Our DELARA Family Album is just that- a look at our people, and their ‘radio shacks’. The DELARA Hall of Fame is important to us! In it, we honor the memory of people who’ve gone before, who helped shape DELARA, and whose friendships we still cherish.

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