Local Communications

Ham radio was the very first ‘social media’ before computers were even born! In addition to making friends around the world, ham radio is all about conversation with our neighbors. We use VHF and UHF frequencies typically, with radios in our vehicles and small, high-tech handheld radios. We use “repeaters” for dependable local communications. In Delaware County there are several well maintained machines. If you’re in the area, or if you have “Echolink” or IRLP here is the information you need!

145.17- (74.4) W8SMK

The W8SMK repeater is in memoriam to Ken, an original member of the club who passed in 2021. We keep his repeater with a receiver and transmitter in southern Delaware County. The transmitter is centralized in the county. Tone is 74.4.

145.19- (123) N8DCA

Stan, N8BHL, is SEC (Section Emergency Coordinator) for Ohio’s ARES. He maintains this repeater for emergency operation and digital (fldigi type) transmission. Timeone it 10 minutes to allow longer messages to pass. The repeater requires an access tone of 123.

145.29- (123) KA8IWB

Laura, KA8IWB, is President of CORC- the Central Ohio Radio Club which among many others also hosts the Central Ohio Severe Weather Net on the 146.76 repeater (tone 123). Laura’s repeater has antennas in downtown Delaware and offers excellent coverage. Access tone is 123.

443.55+ KE8O Yaesu Fusion

KE9O is in charge of this machine, and it’s all Fusion!

442.1375 KC8BPE DMR

This DMR repeater serves Delaware County (310385)
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Welcome to DELARA
The Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware Ohio

Ham Radio - the greatest hobby in the world!

One of the best aspects of the Amateur Radio hobby is how varied and diverse are the elements of the radio sport! There are interests ranging from talking over local repeaters in emergency communication to bouncing signals off the moon, to talking to fellow hams around the world, to operating through one of the many Amateur Radio satellites now in orbit. There’s voice communication, morse code (CW) communication (yes, it’s still a very active part of the hobby) to sending files and text in a variety of digital modes. Here are some of the operating activities that DELARA members enjoy! If you’re new to the hobby, or you’ve been around for a while and want some ‘freshing up’, take a look at some of our interests.

ARES - The Amateur Radio Emergency Service

ARES is a nationally sponsored service coordinated by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).

The story of “Camo Ham”

Craig, W8CR, has put together a wonderful, sexy, little communications trailer that graces our Field Day 20-meter efforts. Here is his debut article describing the acquisition and development as only Craig’s wit and humor can!

Canned Ham II

Another mobile communications trailer, this one aimed at being ready when the disaster hits, is Stan, N8BHL’s “Canned Ham 2”. The name would indicate this is the second version of a self- contained emergency comm vehicle which is a part of Delaware County ARES service.

The DELARA Contest Team

An integral part of ham radio joins the technical with the competitive. Why spend all that time on a fancy system if you can’t brag? Hence the popularity of radio contesting! DELARA Contest Team members do their part.

The DX Code and “DX-ing” around the world

From the very first, our hobby has one facet that no other offers- making friends with fellow hams, fellow humans, all over the earth! We find the more we talk, that people are very much the same wherever we go- and ham radio can take us around the world. One station can go on the air from a small place around the globe, and thousand of hams will try to make contact. To help keep that as clean as possible, DELARA subscribes to the DX Code of Conduct. Read it here.

Field Day

Since the 1930’s ham radio has bee recognized for its value in providing emergency communications. One way the ARRL keeps us ready is by sponsoring a nationwide drill every year. To make it fun, they turn it into a contest, with thousands of hams participating. DELARA DOES FIELD DAY~ it’s one of the highlights of our year. Read about our fun here.

Tower Trailer

One feature of DELARA is our “Tower Trailer”. This 100-foot mobile communications tower is available for use in disaster communications, and it’s tested and applied as a part of our Field Day efforts.

The Trophy Room

Many of our members have achieved big things- awards and certificates for their performance in contests. A number have won top honors- and we honor them here in the DELARA Trophy Room.


There are many certificates available to hams for notable contacts, activities and memberships. Here in Delaware County, Ohio, we offer the “WORKED ALL DELAWARE COUNTY AWARD” to hams contacting someone in each township of our county.