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DELARA News Index  2010 - 2014

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Note: because we needed to conserve file space, editions prior to 2014 have been removed. A new index will come up shortly with newer articles. Welcome to DELARA
The Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware Ohio
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145/29 antenna replaced Jul-12 1st Newsletter reprinted Jan-14 2013 FD Captains confirmed Mar-13 38 Years Ago – Photos Dec-11 3-speed auto CQ sender K8MP Mar-12 440 Band Threat Mar-11 5 year old licensed amateur Apr-13 6 Meter Operation May-11 80 Meter sloper antenna (W4DAN) Nov-13 A Hamfest Find   WA8UEG Aug-13 A high-tech tree issue  W8CR Nov-12 Aim High!   W8CR Sep-13 Aliens versus pretenders  K8MP Feb-14 Aluminum mast stands Mar-10 AM at PM   W8CR Oct-13 Amp tubes – care & feeding Jan-12 Angie Shyrigh- tower climber Dec-13 Another Bright Idea? Nov-11 Another DELARA (pop rock band) Feb-13 Antenna from a stream of water  W8CR Mar-12 Antenna Project Nov-11 Are you isolated? Sep-13 Are you qualified to run this rig?   W8CR Feb-13 ARES – Anti-terrorism training post Boston May-13 ARES – Are We Ready? May-12 ARES – FEMA training to be tracked Dec-12 ARES 145.19 repeater move Dec-12 ARES active in Delaware Search Feb-13 ARES- Are you a hot operator? Jun-12 ARES County Communication Plan Feb-12 ARES Internet Camera Project  W8ERD Feb-13 ARES Is Alive and Kicking Apr-11 ARES organization for 2013 Jan-13 ARES- people needed for projects Mar-13 ARES The cyberdisaster of November Dec-13 ARES Weather Coverage Aug-10 ARES year end report Dec-12 ARES year end wrapup Dec-13 ARES: Comms in a carry on Jan-14 ARES: Does ‘checking in’ make us ready? Oct-13 ARES: If it happened here Nov-13 ARES: Net control—now what? Aug-13 ARES: Ohio ARES Response System Nov-13 ARES: The “Off Season” ARRL – Who ya gonna call? Mar-13 ARRL 2013 Technical Service Awared to W8ERD Nov-13 ARRL Board: Fix LOTW! Aug-13 ARRL how do we measure performance Dec-12 ARRL Movie Feb-14 Antenna – New or Used? Feb-11 Balun Constrsuction May-11 Battle of Sunbury Woods Jul-10 Be an Elmer May-10 Beercan Antenna- the legend confirmed! Sep-12 Best Christmas EVER Dec-11 Best of DELARA Jan-14 Bitten by the Bug Jun-11 Bob Dixon granted national ARRL Award Aug-13 Bob Rides the Luge Mar-10 Bob the Badger Jan-11 Bob’s SteppIR Sage Dec-11 Boy Scout radio Aug-13 Boy Scouts and ham radio Feb-13 Build your own 6 meter or 6n2 quad!   WA8UEG Sep-12 Callsign Redaction – April Fool Apr-11 Cammo Ham Aug-10 Canned Ham Jul-10 Canned Ham I used in Marion Sep-13 Canned Ham II begins May-13 Canned Ham II update Jun-13 Canned Ham II Update Jul-13 Canned Ham Update Oct-10 Cat5 cable   W8ERD Nov-12 Chosing an antenna analyzer Mar-13 Club Clothing Aug-11 Coming: All-Ohio ARES Conference Sep-12 Communicators need to communicate Aug-12 Contest Selection Feb-11 Contest sigs and aircraft Apr-12 Contest Team is Born Dec-10 Contest Team yearend report Jan-14 Contesting and Conventions (ARRL) Jun-13 Contesting: Work the Dupes Jul-12 Convention report May-13 CQ Room 535  W8CR Feb-12 CQ WW CW Summary and Scored Dec-11 Dayton “Pile Up Contest” Jun-10 Dayton Hamvention Discussed May-10 Dayton Report and Pictures Jun-11 Decyphering schematics    KB6NU May-13 DELARA #2 nationwide in 2013 Field Day Nov-13 DELARA E-mail reflector Nov-11 DELARA Field Day Score for 2012 #2! Nov-12 DELARA funds OQP Plaque Jun-13 DELARA has books for loan  W8ERD Nov-13 DELARA License Class Oct-11 DELARA Member Map Feb-12 DELARA News #1 In OH Section Nov-10 DELARA News readers’ survey Aug-13 DELARA News wins ARRL Division Honors Sep-11 DELARA Officers named Dec-11 DELARA received more loaner radios Sep-13 DELARA wants you to write for the newsletter Jan-13 DELARA wins OQP Apr-13 Delaware County Choppers Sep-11 Derachio high winds reported Jul-12 Distracted Driving (reprised article) Mar-12 Dues now payable with PayPal Dec-12 DX Code of Conduct Nov-10 DX Code of Conduct Jul-11 DX Spots and how to use them  WA8UEG Jul-12 E. Mike McCardel becomes AMSAT VP Oct-13 EMP- most likely source Mar-13 EMP Survival Dec-10 Every Club Needs a “Bob” Jun-10 Fall 2013 ARES Conference Nov-13 FCC – reinstating expired licenses Jan-13 Ferreting out noise sources  KB6NU Mar-13 Field Day Jun-10 Field Day Jul-10 Field Day Jun-11 Field Day 2012 report Jul-12 Field Day In-Depth Analysis Jun-10 Field Day Phobia?   W8CR May-12 Field Day Planner Apr-10 Field Day Planner May-10 Field Day Planner Mar-11 Field Day Planner May-11 Field Day planning 2013 Apr-13 Field Day Report Jul-11 Field Day Score Nov-10 Field Day Win Nov-11 Field Day wrapup 2013 Jul-13 Finding information on the Internet  KB6NU May-12 First DELARA News  Jan 14  First HF Station Hints Jan-11 Flashlight hot rodding part 1 May-13 Flashlight hot rodding Part 2 Jun-13 Flashlight hot rodding Part 3 Jul-13 Foldover Vertical Antenna Jul-10 Founding members Jan-14 Frank Piper resigns as Section Chief Nov-13 Friends Remembered Sep-11 FT-102 Yaesu Feb-10 GOBA and ARES Jul-11 Great Lakes Convention in Columbus Apr-13 Great now I have to run two machines  K8MP Nov-13 Great Wisconsin Winter Contest Apr-10 Ground System is a Terrible Thing to Waste` May-11 Haiti and Ham Aid Feb-10 Halfwave Antenna Installation Apr-11 Halloween- Pirate Radio holiday  KB6NU Nov-13 "Ham radio active in Philippines, US Midwest" Dec-13 Hams active in Superstorm Sandy Nov-12 Hamvention Report 2012 Jun-12 He said ~that~ on the radio?   K8MP Feb-13 "Head west, young man   W8CR" Mar-13 High power line noise   WA3EZN Jul-12 HMS Bounty sunk- claims life of ham Nov-12 Homeowners associations and PRB-1 May-13 Horse fence antenna Jun-12 Hot Stick for Ham Radio May-11 How do we get into contesting? Feb-12 How’s the antenna law working? Jul-13 Hurricane Ireme and the Hurricane Watch Net Sep-11 Hurricane season Jun-13 Hurry Up and Wait   W8CR  Feb-14 I now stop at all garage sales!  WA8UEG Jun-13 I Was There Too Sep-11 Ice Storm Coverage Feb-11 Increase your Wifi range  W8CR Apr-12 Increased fees for vanity calls Jun-13 Integrity of DXCC Apr-13 Is DELARA “Plug and Play”? Mar-13 Is that all there is? ARES Oct-12 It ain’t Wally World!   W8CR Aug-13 It never hurts to ask    K8MP Mar-13 It’s a Wonderful Life   K8MP Oct-12
Jet Trails – A King Air trip from Columbus Oct-13 Jet Trails – A King Air Twofer Aug-13 Jet Trails – A night on the Top of a Mountain Jun-13 Jet Trails - Fly the Plane, Fly the plane  Feb-14 Jet Trails – It does that all the time Jul-13 Jet Trails – Snap, crackle, pop" May-13 Jet Trails – Spinning! Sep-13 Jet Trails – They all break down Nov-13 Jet Trails – Vertical in a Varga Apr-13 Jet Trails – We’re not training any more Dec-13 Jet Trails- a whiteout  W8WLK Mar-13 Job’s not done til the paperwork is finished WA8UEG Feb-13 Joe’s Book is Published! Dec-11 Join the Club   W8CR May-13 K8H Sep-10 K8H Oct-10 K8H Event Aug-11 K8H Event Sep-11 "K8RA Jerry Pittinger, SK" Jan-14 Keep radio alive   KB6NU Aug-13 King of the Hills Aug-11 Knock it out of the park  K8MP Jul-12 KV8Q birthday contest Aug-13 Lack of standardization holding back digital Oct-13 Laptop Fire Jan-11 LED lights in the shack Apr-13 Less power- the Honda EU2000 generator Jul-13 Let’s MESH Jun-13 Library book donations Feb-12 Library book donations updated Mar-12 Lightning Round  K8MP May-12 Lightning visits the north site Aug-12 Loaner Radio Program Mar-12 Loaner Radio Program update Apr-12 "Logs, checks, and other nightmares (Contesting)" Jan-13 LOTW – got QSL? May-13 March lion to antennas  N9AUG Mar-13 Meet the nicest people   K8MP Jul-13 Men in black…cars   K8MP Nov-12 MESH Pi Sep-13 MESH resources Nov-13 MESHJ – one idea for its use   W8ERD Dec-13 Miracle Mayan Memento  W8CR Dec-12 Mobile Mount Mayhem Jun-11 Mobile Tower May-10 More on NVIS Loop   W8ERD Aug-13 More on WADCO (N9AUG) Aug-12 Murphy on Murphy Road   N9AUG Feb-13 My Christmas Vacation (Georgia op.) Jan-11 N0TW Wins it all Sep-12 N8DRT Silent Key Feb-13 N8TQN Silent Key Aug-12 New County Alerting system tested Jul-12 New DELARA Website announced May-10 New EC for ARES Jan-11 New Repeater on 19 Mar-11 Nomadic nitwit    W8CR Nov-13 NVIS loop antenna for W8ERD Mar-13 Officers elected (again) Dec-13 OH PIC Sovik resigns Oct-13 OH Section education program expands May-13 OH Section youth and education program Mar-13 Ohio QSO Party Mar-10 Ohio QSO Party detailed Aug-13 Ohio QSO Party Resoilts Sep-11 Ohio QSO Party Results Apr-11 Ohio QSO Party Scores 2010 Sep-10 Ohio State Parks son the Air Jul-10 Ohio’s antenna law wins court test Oct-13 Ohio’s mobile texting law Sep-12 "Old Ham Memories, N8OB" Jan-11 "Old Ham Memories, N8OB" Feb-11 Olymipc Edition Mar-10 One of these days- the moon W8CR Sep-12 On-scene Hurricane Sandy report Dec-12 Operating in a contest Sep-13 Operating the contest Aug-13 Operating the CQWW contest Dec-13 Our response and priorities   WA3EZN May-13 Overview of contesting May-13 P5 North Korea  WA8UEG Apr-13 Pay it forward!   WA8UEG Oct-13 PC’s and Contesting Mar-10 Perils of built-in antenna tuners Sep-12 Potpourri   K8MP Sep-13 Power Line Noise Apr-10 PRB-1 goes to Senate Apr-12 PRB-1 goes to the floor Mar-12 PRB-1 in Ohio debated Feb-12 PRB-1 is passed! May-12 PRB-1 Signed by Governor Jun-12 Project Juggling   W8ERD May-13 Q Signals for the Common Man Jan-11 Radioactive antennas  W8CR Apr-13 Real rubber duck (W8ERD) Jan-12 Rebuilding a CD-45 Rotor step by step Mar-12 Return of Heathkit? Jul-13 Reviewing the log – contesting Nov-13 RF into your antenna  K8MP Jun-12 Road trip to tour K3LR Oct-12 Santa is a ham operator  K8MP Dec-13 SDR Aug-13 Severe weather net- winter review Dec-13 Single letter calls for OQP? Mar-13 Skew Path antennas W8ERD Apr-12 Smart Electric Meter Oct-10 SO2R Planning Feb-10 SO2R Up and Running Jan-11 Solar Activity- what do the numbers mean? Jul-13 Solar powered flashlight  W8ERD Apr-13 SPAM – the Mystery Meat May-10 Special event stations  KB6NU Dec-13 Sporadic E Openings Aug-10 Spotter Safety Jul-13 State standards for digital ARES Mar-12 SteppIR in the sky W8ERD Jul-12 Stop and smell the roses   K8MP Aug-13 Straight Key Night   W8CR Jan-13 Sun Control   K8MP Apr-13 Superstorm Sandy winds  WA8UEG Nov-12 Switchboxes   WA8UEG Sep-13 Tactical Comm Bridge assembly Dec-12 Tactical Communications Bridge donated Jul-12 Tactical Communications Bridge under development Sep-12 Taming foldback   WA8UEG Mar-13 TCB update Sep-13 TCB update Jan-14 TCB update   Feb-14 Testing Team Formed Feb-12 The “Hatfan” Gang Nov-12 "The Beach, the sand, the signal  W8CR" Aug-12 The Boat Anchor Question  N9AUG Oct-12 The Forks – a Tesla Report   W8CR Oct-12 The joy of hamfesting  WA8UEG Aug-12 The logger’s bark   KB6NU Oct-13 The loop antenna project  W8ERD Jul-13 The Net results Oct-13 The Voice of Time Oct-11 The winning “New Ending” Aug-12 There’s an App for That   WA8UEG Oct-12 This Old Shack   W8CR Jul-12 Time Conversion Chart Mar-11 Time to lay down the law   K8MP Oct-13 To Catch a Lightning Bug Jul-11 Tom Hain in the IARU DX Contest Aug-12 Top Ten Emergency Holiday Gifts Dec-12 Twas the Night Before Sweepstakes Dec-10 Two bit dits (W8CR) Jan-12 Use the “Buro” Oct-13 Using “Wide Band” radios Mar-12 Vacation out West Sep-10 "W1AW, it’s everywhere!" Jan-14 W8GKN Silent Key Jan-13 WADCO- Worked All Delaware County Award Jul-12 Wallpaper for times remembered  W8ERD Oct-13 Wasp Nest in Repeater House Aug-11 Water infested coax Oct-12 Watt Meter Repair Oct-11 Website has Hall of Fame Mar-13 What goes around comes around   W8CR Dec-13 What is your ham radio goal?  WA8UEG Dec-12 What shape Ohio ham clubs? Jan-13 What’s in a name?    W8CR Jun-13 Where were you when the lights went out? K8MP Dec-12 Who Dat? K8MP Feb-12 Who says Ham Radio isn’t a sport?  K8MP Sep-12 Who’s watching Who?  K8MP May-13 Why time goes faster   K8MP Jan-13 World Radio Conference 2015 Nov-13 We Got Game Nov-11 Yaesu “Wires” problem Nov-12 Yikes! Big Brother~is~ watching   K8MP Jun-13 You Just Have To Ask  W8CR Jun-12 Zombies! Oct-11 Zombies! Nov-11