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Want to find an amateur close by? Waiting on your new callsign? You can pose a number of searches to the FCC’s online Universal License System by clicking this link! (Opens in a new browser window.)

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Need to renew your license?

(Credits to Alan Dove, N3IMU) Click here to visit his website First, check your license expiration date. It’s printed on the license. If it’s more than 90 days away, just make a note on your calendar about it. You can’t renew it until it’s within 90 days of expiring. Once you’re inside the 90-day window, visit this FCC page and type your callsign into the form. Note the number under the “FRN” column on the form (or note if there isn’t one). Now, go to the Universal Licensing System home page. If the previous step revealed that you don’t have a FRN assigned, you need to click the “Register” button. If you do have a FRN, click “Log in.” Now this is the tricky part. At some point, the FCC sent you a letter asking you to pick a password. If you thew that out, or don’t recall what the password was, then on the login screen choose the “Contact Tech Support” option. Assuming you remembered your password, log in, and you’ll next reach a screen where you can manage any FCC-issued licenses you own. Click the “Renew” button in the left-hand column and follow the instructions. If your ham license doesn’t appear in the box on the renewal screen, double-check to be sure you’re within the 90-day renewal window. Once you’ve finished that process, click over to the other FCC database, called CORES, and choose the “Update” button. Log in with the same FRN and password you used to renew, and check that your CORES information matches your license information. The FCC keeps two separate databases, so it’s good to make sure they have the same information in both. Important note: Effective February 17, 2015, the FCC will no longer automatically print out and mail a paper license when a new, modified or renewed license grant is listed in the ULS. If an applicant wants to receive a paper license when his/her license grant is new, modified or renewed, the applicant must log on to the ULS with his/her FRN and set the paper preference BEFORE the VEC uploads the application.
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