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Library Receives Donation from Area Amateur Radio Association

February 28, 2012 Contact: Shea M. Alltmont – Communications Manager 740-362-3861 (Office) salltmont@delawarelibrary.org Delaware, OH: The Delaware Amateur Radio Association (DELARA) has donated a collection of amateur radio books and video to all of the public and high school libraries in Delaware County, Ohio. This gift is to enhance knowledge and gain interest in amateur radio. The following Delaware libraries and schools were recipients of DELARA’s generous donations: Delaware County District Library – Delaware Main and Orange Branches, Wornstaff Memorial Public Library in Ashley, Community Library in Sunbury, Big Walnut Schools, Buckeye Valley Schools, Olentangy Schools – Olentangy High School, Olentangy Liberty High School, and Olentangy Orange High School, Delaware Hayes High School, Delaware Christian, and Village Academy in Powell. “Delaware County District Library (DCDL) is very excited to add many of these materials to our current collection of items available for the public to check out and use for research” said Mary Jane Santos, DCDL Library Director. “We are also very appreciative for groups like DELARA that support the Library and our mission as a place for life-long learning and inquiry.” DELARA is a club whose members are amateur radio enthusiasts who provide free ham radio training classes, FCC license examinations, and mentoring for all interested people. A number of fun and public service events - such as the Delaware All Horse Parade communications – are held throughout the year. The biggest event of the year for DELARA is called Field Day, when the club sets up several stations at a local park and operates for 24 hours independently of commercial power, as an emergency preparedness exercise. The public and people of all ages are invited to come, encouraged to participate, and see the operation. There is an opportunity for people without licenses to be coached and encouraged to operate one of the stations. This event is always held on the 4th full weekend in June.

Library programs

Welcome to DELARA
The Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware Ohio
At the January, 2012, meeting, members of DELARA approved spending up to approximately $1200 to launch a library book donation program devised by Bob, W8ERD. Bob’s program is aimed at spreading information about Ham Radio all around Delaware County, with the hope that those interested will get in Contact with DELARA, study and test into the hobby! All the books were delivered to the various libraries by DELARA volunteers. The project cost about $400 less than budgeted, because Universal Radio gave us a very nice discount.