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Not a member? We would love to meet you, and welcome you to our organization! DELARA has been a gathering place for ham radio enthusiasts for over 35 years and we’re still going strong. Our members bring a wealth of experience in many of the varied interests for our great technical hobby! Dues remain at $20 per year ($2 famialy member). Our meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month, at the Delaware Chapter of the American Red Cross, 380 Hills Miller Rd. We start at 7:30 with speakers, training and friendship! Consider yourself invited!

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DELARA is an ARRL affiliated club

The club that has achieved the status of “Special Service Club”. These clubs offer extensive benefits to members, such as license testing, training, and many different activities. A Special Service Club is an example to other clubs, and is a great way for you to become interested in the hobby!
MESH Team Formed DELARA and Delaware ARES have formed a design and standards team to keep MESH technologies moving. MESH - a wireless data network independent of the Internet - will be a great emergency backup for Delaware County emergency agencies! The DELARA CONTEST TEAM is a very active part of our club, and contests are a big part of the Ham Radio hobby. A Ham Radio contest can range from “reach as many hams in a particular state” to “reach hams all over the world, each time looking for a new or different country on the globe.” Our team’s average is an impressive 390,576 points per contest! That’s pretty impressive. If you are a ham and would like to get involved, it doesn’t take a great station or a fast operator- team members are at every level! In addition to having a lot of fun, you’ll find that contesting will train you to be a much better operator in general - quick, concise and attentive - all attributed with will help in times of public service or normal operating! Contact Tom to get involved! ARES Volunteers serve our communities. The Amateur Radio Emergency Service consists of ham radio operators providing backup communication for public events such as parades, as well as emergency agencies such as the EMA and Red Cross. The Delaware ARES (http://www.delares.org) volunteers provided over 2,000 hours of service each year since 2013. Hosted primarily by the Delaware County Emergency Management Agency, ARES members trained in terrorism awareness, Incident Command, FEMA courses, EOC (Emergency Operation Center) operations, and in both voice and digital ham radio messaging.


station at the Delaware Red Cross (ARC) building!

DELARA and the Delaware County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) have been granted access to the Delaware Red Cross building, 380 Hills Miller Road. We have established a contest-grade amateur radio station there to serve Delaware County in emergencies and public service activities, and to perform as a club station. We have four HF operating positions and have established several quality antennas. Club members are invited to operate the station any time. A Yaesu FT-950 can even be operated across the Internet from your home! Contact Dale, W8KTQ or Stan, N8BHL, for station information. This is a major step forward for the two organizations, and the construction teams are working hard to make this a great station!

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Welcome to the greatest hobby in the world!

Welcome to the web home of the Delaware Amateur Radio Association. We are made up of licensed amateur radio operators in and around Delaware County, Ohio. DELARA is an ARRL Special Service Club. We are involved in many community activities, including Field Day! Many of our members are also members of the A.R.E.S. (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) orgnization and as such train as partners with safety services to be a complete form of communication, both for emergencies and public service events. (See http://www.delares.org) JOIN US! We invite you to become a part of our radio family! Click here to join!
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