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DELARA Field Day

Even before the 1930’s, amateur radio has had as a main purpose communicating in the interest of public safety. Hams are ready- often the first to be heard from a stricken area around the world, hams have the ability to ‘get on the air’ and provide needed communication. Field Day is one way we test to make sure that we are ready!
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Welcome to DELARA
The Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware Ohio
Field Day is a highlight of the year for DELARA members, and this year was no exception. We placed first nationwide in our operating class. DELARA Field Day was held at the DELARA club station in the Delaware Red Cross building. The benefits were important: very little effort to set up and tear down the additions to the site, very good radios in place at the station, excellent facilities for operating, for the GOTA station and the mobile stations in the parking area. One of the greatest things about DELARA is that a LOT of people pitch in on our projects! Field Day was no exception. It’s impossible to single out every person, so a blanket but very sincere thank you goes out to all! Many, many thanks to an assortment of individuals who gave up a lot of time and put in a lot of effort to organize and execute DELARA’s Field Day effort this year. Also, thanks to those who stopped by and said hello and, perhaps, operated one of the radios. We hope that it was an interesting event and that you, perhaps, learned something.

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