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DELARA Field Day

Even before the 1930’s, amateur radio has had as a main purpose communicating in the interest of public safety. Hams are ready- often the first to be heard from a stricken area around the world, hams have the ability to ‘get on the air’ and provide needed communication. Field Day is one way we test to make sure that we are ready!  
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DELARA Field Day 2016:  What a feed!!

The Score:  #2 nationally in class 4A, 14th overall nationally. WELL DONE!

Field Day is a highlight of the year for DELARA members, and this year was no exception. Great help, lots of people, super food, no major radio catastrophes, and lots of operating all contributed to the success of our effort. We set up Friday at Scioto Township Park which was dry, comfortable and sunny.  The tower and multiple masts all went into the air quickly and without problems!   It seemed to me we had more help than ever before - - many thanks to all who were there!! The operation got underway and it appears we were able to keep the four stations on the air for the contest period – a very important consideration!  Good job to the operators and loggers who jumped in to make some QSO’s!   This was not a stellar year for amateur bands!  We made a few contacts on 15 CW (15 SSB was stone cold).  Our stations stayed primarily on the ‘money bands’- 80 and 40 with some 20 thrown in for fun.  We did pretty well by 6 meters. The public information aspect of our Field Day was again handled with aplomb by Bob, W8ERD and his helpers. We had a great table with brochures, demonstrations of the ‘rocket tennis ball launcher’ and most important, we had a great crew operating the GOTA station!  Extra points were earned because we had three or four young operators! The only bonus points we did not achieve were for the satellite contact category. We’ve never had luck with that, and didn’t go for the points this year. The official score has not been submitted yet (I’m putting together the necessary documentation like pictures and copies of messages, etc. )  but here’s how it shakes out so far. QSO’s BAND CW SSB 80 490 754 40 911 663 20 485 286 15   46 6   21 2    2 GOTA 46 81 GOTA Digital 17 That gives us a QSO score of 11,640 after CQ/Digital mults and the power multiplier of 2.  We were able to log 1800 points in bonus scoring. That produces our total score to be submitted at 13,440. This isn’t the highest numeric score we’ve produced. Last year’s total score was 15,766 but I suspect we’ll see the bulk of scores lower this year because of soft conditions. We managed a teardown in ~record~ time!  Again, we had a lot of help and that made a huge difference- even though some of our crew began to look like wet, tired puppies in the heat.  Nothing broken, nothing bent, no feelings hurt, and nobody left on!  What a win!! Scores are usually published in November- and in the meantime, for even the most die-hard contester who drove our score up, we leave you with this score summary:

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