So who...or what...is an ‘Elmer’?

In the early days of ham radio, it was common for a youngster to get interested in the hobby by visiting a neighbor or relative and watching him operate. As the youngster (could be anyone) got more and more interested, this older veteran ham became the ‘go-to’ person answering questions, helping with theory and actual practice. In those days, it was very common to build your radio from the ground up, and this help was invaluable. Somewhere along the way, a helpful person’s name was Elmer. And the practice of helping answer questions from newer hams became know as “Elmering”. At DELARA, one of the best aspects of our club is willingness to help, and answer questions. We have a group of very talented, experienced technical people who will probably have been through your situation. So ask away! It’s easy! Just click the E-mail link below, and give us your name, callsign, phone number, and specifics about your question. If it’s a troubleshooting issue, you might include the steps you’ve already taken. We’ll get the right person on the job for you! email elmer[at]k8es.org
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