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Check some of these links for the latest information, best files, and sites of authority on a wide variety of topics all having to do with our wonderful hobby! If you have a link that caught your attention, forward it to newsletter@k8es.org! 
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The Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware Ohio
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Area Links:

These are links featuring activity in our Central Ohio area.

http://www.corc.us - Central Ohio Radio Club, hosting a number of

repeaters including the Central Ohio Weather Watch machine, 146.76

and the Central Ohio Traffic Net on 146.97.

http://www.ohioccra.net - The Capital City Repeater Association,

hosting a number of repeaters.

http://www.cotn.us - The Central Ohio Traffic Net

http://www.arrl-ohio.org - The ARRL Ohio Section site.

http://www.greatlakes.arrl.org/ - ARRL Great Lakes Division site.

http://www.greatlakes.arrl.org/gldburo.html - The 8th area QSL Bureau


http://www.mvarc.net/ - Mt. Vernon Amateur Radio Club

http://www.marionhamradio.org/ - Marion Amateur Radio Club site.

http://www.universal-radio.com/ - Our own “Candy Store” - Universal

Radio Inc.

http://www.qsl.net/kb8ssh/map.html Kb8SSH Ohio repeater map

http://www.levinecentral.com/repeaters/google_mapping.php Repeater

map site

ARRL and Emergency Communication Links:

www.delares.org - Delaware county ARES site

http://www.coares.org  Central Ohio ARES (Franklin County)

http://www.arrl.org - This is the home site for the American Radio Relay


http://training.fema.gov/IS/crslist.asp - The FEMA study site with NIMS


http://www.co.delaware.oh.us/dcems/dcema/index.htm - Delaware

County Homeland Security & Emergency Management site

http://www.delco-redcross.org/ - Delaware County Red Cross site

http://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSearch/searchLicense.jsp - FCC

license search

http://www.severe-weather.org/ - Central Ohio Severe Weather Net

Items of Technical and general Interest:

http://www.sourceresearch.com/cross-reference.cfm - Cross-reference guide

http://www.datasheetarchive.com/ - Datasheet archive


http://www.ncjweb.com/ - National Contest Journal

http://www.contesting.com/ - Contesting,dot com

Digital Radio Links:

http://www.wb8nut.com/digital.html WB8NUT’ Digital primer

http://www.w1hkj.com/download.html The FLDIGI download page

DX’ing Links:

http://www.mdxa.org/dx_tips.html - DX’ing tips from Magnolia DX Association,


http://www.dxer.org/ - Lone Star DX DX Association DX Notebook

http://www.dxzone.com/ The DX Zone


http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/index.php AMSAT

http://heavens-above.com/ Heavens Above - detailed visibility times of satellites,


http://www.arrl.org/amateur-radio-on-the-international-space-station Ham Radio

on the International Space Station

http://www.amsat.org/amsat-news/satellites/status.php Ham Satellite status

Traffic Sites

http://www.w7arc.com/nts/index.html A great traffic primer site

http://www.cotn.us/www/index.php Central Ohio Traffic Net


http://w1.spc.woc.noaa.gov/exper/mesoanalysis/ NOAA Storm Prediction Center,

a must for severe weather information

http://espotter.weather.gov/ NOAA eSpotter page

http://www.wunderground.com/radar/radblast.asp?ID=ILN Weather Underground

radar. This is the nearest to real-time I’ve found.

http://www.erh.noaa.gov/iln/index.php N.W.S. Wilmington, OH site

http://www.severe-weather.org Central Ohio Severe Weather Net