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The roar of the crowd grows more intense! The band has done its script, the cheerleaders are in line with their banner, and we can see the team ready to storm the field! Oh. Well maybe not. This is a different kind of team. A big part of ham radio is improving our operating skills. And of course, there’s the “my antenna is better than yours” aspect. A natural result is the ham radio contest! Participants in the ‘radio sport’ have grown in number, technology and skill. Ham radio contesting is an operator endurance event, requiring intense concentration, strategy, and of course the right equipment. All of this is put to the test over a period of from 24 to 48 hours of nonstop, high speed communication. A few large contest stations occupy their own buildings on multi-acre sites with numerous high towers and intricate antennas. These contest stations field a team of two dozen or more skilled operators intent on posting a winning score - that score being in some contests over a million points! Others retreat to their own complex on a Caribbean island and become the target sought by thousands of hams around the world. And then, there are us ‘normal’ guys. Through the years one of the many operating aspects of ham radio which has captured the interest of a group of DELARA members is contesting. To prove that our lead ‘testers know their stuff, take a look at the Trophy Room on the website. These are guys (and gals) with iron butts, the ability to make sense out of cacophony, sit down in front of radios and look up 12 hours later, take a breath, and go right back to it. Then, there is a wider group – the “check log” operators- who appreciate the art of contesting and engage but with limited success. I’m sure there are more members who might want to improve their operating skill and experiment with this competitive side of the ‘radio sport.’ 1. The Contest Team will be a more organized approach to obtain high scores. 2. The Contest Team will also exist to help hams who are interested in learning or improving their contesting. 3. The Contest Team will be open to all ham operators. It’s hoped that the team will function as an outreach for DELARA. Hopefully team members will become interested in joining DELARA. Because it was his idea, and he couldn’t deflect quickly enough, one of our premier operators Tom Hain, KV8Q, was summarily anointed as the Team Coach! Tom has years of experience, who among other accomplishments took us across the wintry north in a whimsical contest account in the DELARA News. Tom clarified our listing with CQ and ARRL for the major contests- scores will be submitted using the club name, “DELARA Contest Team “ Tom’s priorities have taken him away from full time contest coaching, and our own “El Prez” Joe Papworth, K8MP, has taken the reigns and run with it! Joe, a veteran contester himself, keeps us updated on what is going on in the contest world. We have a fairly active email discussion on the organization and formation of the team. If contesting is your cup of tea…or if you’re just window shopping but would like to be involved, click to email Joe.

Contest Team Coach Joe

Papworth, K8MP

Joe, past President of DELARA is a contest veteran. He has the “iron butt” capacity to sit and concentrate on CW for hours, amassing impressive scores in the major contests. He keeps us informed weekly on what’s coming in the contest world.

DELARA Contest Team

Want to be on the team?
It’s a natural! Build something, either mechanical or technical, and you wonder how it will perform compared to its peers. The radio sport is no different. In the case of ham radio, we hold contests to see who can make the most contacts, the furthest distance, the lowest or highest power...any combination you can think of. Operators prepare their antennas and stations, then compete in an intense time of concentration.
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