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The DELARA / ARES Club Station

the DELARA home is located at the Delaware Chapter of the American Red Cross. We have established a functioning all-band, all-mode amateur radio station there. This station features some contest-quality radios, and it’s open for use by members any time. There are four operating positions: The ARES Desk This is intended for use as the “County Control Station” during any ARES activity, whether emergency or public service. Radios include two Yaesu FT-8800 dual-band radios and a DMR digital radio along with computer access for WebEOC and other emergency management tools. The station is capable of handling digital messages to our served agencies via FLDIGI. There is a second operating position with another FT-8800 radio available, and we have a MESH node at the station, for sending video, telephony, or digital messages via this exciting new 2.4 GHz mode. We also maintain a bank of handheld radios for emergency use. Yaesu FT-950, this is a great contest position. This versitile radio can be fully controlled with Internet access! You can operate all modes and bands from your easy chair at home Icom 7300, a “state of the art” HF radio with direct PC connection. The 7300 is capabile of HF bands plus all digital modes. Icom 7300. These are also used for “multi-operator, multi-mode” contesting such as FIeld Day the the Ohio QSO party. Kenwood TS-590 outfitted for HF. It can be used on digital modes as well. We offer an excellent Tri-band beam at 50’, a 160-meter “inverted L” and dedicated dipole antennas for 40 and 80 meters. There is also an all-band vertical. The equipment has been donated by club members and purchased with some club dues. The station managers are Dale, W8KTQ and Stan, N8BHL.
Welcome to DELARA
The Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware Ohio