The “Monday Night


Every Monday evening at 8 PM local time, members of DELARA (and any licensed ham) get together for our weekly net on the 145.17 repeater. This is a laid-back gathering, discussing a topic picked by a volunteer net control operator. It’s a great way to check in with your friends and just enjoy a relaxed chat on a wide variety of topics. You can volunteer to be a net control - it’s easy! Contact Larry or Dave on our “Contact Us” page.

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Welcome to DELARA


The Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware Ohio


DELARA is a busy, well-rounded organization. We enjoy our club meetings (click here for our meeting information) and we enjoy our weekly “Monday Night Net”. Each net is hosted by a volunteer operator (Hint- if you’re in DELARA, sign up!!) and is a laid-back, conversational discussion of the week’s topic. Topics can range from “your favorite HF contest rig,” to “What are you planting in your garden?” Our nets are open to all so please take this as an invitation, and check in!

DELARA - a Special Service


The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national organization for amateur radio. The League encourages and supports local amateur radio clubs as the best way to promote our hobby. DELARA has been a Special Service club for a number of years. In addition to great company and friendships, the club offers information and activities for everyone ranging from a prospective or brand new ham (including license testing) to the seasoned veteran (Contest Team, ARES and other high-end activities.) We’re proud of this designation, and we credit the wide spectrum of expertise from our members! For the latest meeting information, and a schedule of topics, please take a look at the latest DELARA NEWS (link on the front page).


DELARA members get together every month to hear a speaker, discuss future plans (such as our Field Day efforts), trade radio gear, or even take a field trip! Our meeting place is the downtown Delaware public library at 7:30 PM. Highlights have included presentations by professional tower climbers, R/C aircraft hobbyists, various computer experts, radio and accessory builders and many more. Topics may range from restoring a WWII B-17 bomber to working contacts through ham radio satellites. We’ve even had a movie premier! One of the things that makes our club so great is the broad base of knowledge from our members. From retired college professors (yes, we really do have a space scientist) to robotics maintainers at a large brewery to producers of miniaturized electronic components we probably have someone who can help you with your latest concerns!
The Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware Ohio